From dawn’s first Instagram scroll over coffee ☕️ to the final Snapchat snap before bed , the internet is our constant companion. It’s where we devour the world’s news , engage with social issues in real-time , and, yes, indulge in endless cat videos . Public opinion? It’s not just measured online; it’s moulded there. More powerful than governments or religion, the internet demands our sharpest scrutiny.

Manzelan is rewriting the rulebook on media. With a dynamic virtual team across the U.S. and U.K., we’re leading the charge in streaming entertainment and internet culture coverage. Our growth? Phenomenal. According to April 2016 comScore data, we’ve seen a 50% traffic boost year-over-year. Our audience? A vibrant mix of 18- to 34-year-olds, outpacing even the likes of BuzzFeed, Mic, Thought Catalog, and Vice.

At Manzelan, we’re blending new media’s energy with the rigour of classic journalism. Our team of ace journalists, digital detectives, and fearless editors dive deep into the stories that matter. We’re embedded in the communities we cover, tackling progressive issues with an immersive approach. From the highest highs to the strangest quirks of life online, we bring you news that goes beyond the trending ticker.
Get ready to experience the internet like never before—with Manzelan, where the future of media is happening today.